Freeman could return to Braves lineup as soon as Monday

dkb180921038 braves vs phillies
The Braves have stressed that Freddie Freeman’s elbow is not a concern. Ramped up activity after the surgery is likely the reasoning behind why it flared up a bit, and the doctors nor the team seem too worried. While making sure Freeman is healthy is a priority, it appears he should be making a prompt return to the field. According to David O’Brien of The Athletic, he could return as early as Monday.
This should allow Freeman to get the at-bats necessary to enter the regular season, and should put these concerns to rest, though the team will hope this won’t become a regular occurrence. According to Mark Bowman, the star first baseman returning tomorrow will be contingent on how he feels in Monday’s workouts.
Hopefully, Freeman will be in the lineup tomorrow, and this can simply be another precautionary Spring Training flare up we will forget about in the coming months.
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