Hawks: Cam Reddish off injury report entirely

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There is some good news on the horizon for Hawks fans: Cam Reddish has been medically cleared by the staff in Atlanta, per his absence on the injury report.


Reddish’s status had been updated to questionable before Game 1, which made me wonder if he should be upgraded to available; of course, he was but never saw the court as Nate McMillan went to Soloman Hill instead. Reddish hasn’t played since February 21st, which shouldn’t be glossed over. That is a substantial amount of missed time, and unless he’s been doing cardio while rehabbing, he’ll likely be gasping for air after a few down-and-backs.

I believe we will see him at some point, given his length and athleticism on the defensive end of the court. Reddish could guard Khris Middleton or Jrue Holiday; something Solo didn’t seem capable of — Middleton had a bad shooting night but had open looks against Hill. I still recommend that Hawks fans temper their expectations, but Reddish is talented enough to make an impact, especially on the defensive end.

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