Hawks center Miles Plumlee arrested


More bad news for a Hawks team that cannot afford much bad news if they expect to extend their streak of ten straight postseason appearances to eleven. Miles Plumlee, who the Hawks acquired from Charlotte in the Dwight Howard deal, was arrested a couple weeks ago on marijuana charges in New York. Police records show the center was arrested and posted bail on August 20th.

While the league does not normally test for marijuana, it is among the list of drugs that are banned in the NBA. First-time offenders like Plumlee are subject to the league’s marijuana treatment program. A second arrest or failed test can result in a five-game suspension. It is unlikely Plumlee plays a huge role in whether the Hawks can make a playoff run this season, but having these type of distractions around the locker room is never a good thing.

But as long as Plumlee abides by the rules, this should be a non-basketball issue going forward.

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