Hawks: Could Tre Mann be Trae Young’s backup?

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The Hawks will be searching for a backup behind Trae Young this offseason, be that through free agency or the draft. The team and Lou Williams will obviously sit down to see if a deal can get worked out, but given his desire for a multi-year contract, Travis Schlenk may decide to forgo Williams in search of a cheaper option.

Kevin Huerter and Bogdan Bogdanovic are both capable ball handlers who can create for themselves and their teammates, but the Hawks need another true point guard to play when Young is off the floor. I am of the people who believe the answer resides somewhere in the 2021 NBA draft class. I believe there are many capable point guards who can get the job done in their rookie season; after all, we saw how big of an impact Oneyka Okongwu was during the Hawks’ playoff run.

That prospect could be Tre Mann, who displayed the ability to effectively operate a pick and roll in his sophomore season at Florida. Mann has the handles to create space effectively, but what stands out to me is his ability to calmly and comfortably make plays. Though he is turnover-prone, he consistently improved areas of his game that translate well to the next level.

Trae Young is dominant in the pick and roll, and similarly, Mann has a great feel for targeting specific matchups in pick-and-roll sets. This leads to open looks for his teammates, but Mann can find his own shot when it doesn’t. Much like any transition to the professional level, Mann will have to increase his processing speed, but his playmaking ability isn’t even the most intriguing part of his game.

Mann’s ceiling is incredibly high because of his shooting, which could eventually enable him to get minutes with or without Trae Young on the floor. He’s one of the best snipers in the draft — shooting 40.2% from beyond the arc on over seven attempts per game. He’s capable of being a catch-and-shoot player when needed — just 31.9% of Mann’s three-pointers were assisted last season.

Mann might not be the explosive athlete that Ice Trae is, but he knows how to generate space and create for himself. His balance in the air is special and is what allows him to hit difficult shots. Much like the Hawks star, Mann’s floater is an important part of his game because it covers up the concerns a bit, which is finishing ability. His 59.7% field goal percentage at the rim doesn’t overly concern me, even if it isn’t at the top of his class. 

Mann seems like an ideal fit for the Hawks.

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