Hawks Draft Targets: Tyrese Maxey

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As I have covered in previous articles, the Atlanta Hawks are looking for more outside shooting threats that could slot nicely alongside Trae Young. Next up on our list is Tyrese Maxey from the University of Kentucky.

A true freshman, Maxey displayed potent scoring ability and a knack for making clutch plays as one of the leaders for Coach Cal’s Kentucky team. Can he add his name to the illustrious chain of Coach Cal one-and dones? Let’s find out.


Scoring Versatility: Maxey has flashes of being a good consistent shooter and scorer who can finish at all three levels. He has good form beyond the arc and should shoot well in the NBA given more floor spacing. He also has a pull-up midrange jump shot that worked well at Kentucky and can finish around the rim with layups, floaters, and dunks with both hands.

On Ball Defense: Maxey is a great on-ball defender who can pose some mismatch problems at the NBA level. He plays hard, moves his feet well, and understands where he needs to get to stop opponents. He should develop into a solid two-way player at the next level.

Good Size: Maxey’s measurables include being 6’3 inches tall with a 6’6 wingspan. He has a similar build to Chicago Bulls guard Coby White only Maxey is a better defender.


Average Athleticism: Maxey doesn’t have elite athleticism for his size, which limits him offensively. His less than stellar first step means he will have a tough time creating opportunities for himself and teammates because of his lack of explosiveness.

Shot Selections: Maxey has great shooting form, but he has quite a low release point. This means he often takes off-balanced jump shots that defenders can easily exploit. He needs to work on raising that release point to where he can feel comfortable shooting over defenders.

Team Fit

Maxey would be a reach for the Hawks at #6, but he would be a great option if they trade back and take him in the middle of the first round. He can slot next to Trae Young and develop into a reliable two-way guard in the modern NBA capable of playing tough defense and being a shot maker/creator.

This wraps up our Hawks draft targets for today’s NBA Draft. Atlanta can go many different ways with their first pick, and there is still plenty of buzz about whether or not they will trade the selection. Only the front office knows who they are targeting, and I believe there will be some fireworks tonight.

Stay tuned as I will be posting draft grades for whomever the Hawks select.

Photo: John Korduner/Icon Sportswire

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