Hawks focusing in on Doncic with the #3 pick

Depending on who you ask, the Hawks are taking seven different players with the third overall pick. Speculation has been swirling around Atlanta, but when Adrian Wojarnowski drops a “Woj Bomb”, it is time for everybody to stop and listen. That’s just what he did earlier tonight if your a Hawks fan, stating that Doncic has moved to the top of the Hawks list at the #3 spot.

From several reports, the Kings are high on Duke’s Marvin Bagley III and have been fading the hype on Luka Doncic. It looks like the Hawks will be faced with the decision between Doncic and Michigan State center Jaren Jackson Jr.. It is also is not out of the question that a team from behind them comes in with a monster offer. With Atlanta holding four of the first thirty-four picks on Thursday night, anything is possible

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