Hawks have fourth-best lottery odds right now

Hawks have fourth-best lottery odds right now

If this truly is the end of the 2019-20 season, there are two guarantees as far as the Atlanta Hawks are concerned. Vince Carter might have played the last game of his career this past Wednesday evening and the Hawks will have finished with the fourth-best lottery odds for the upcoming NBA Draft.

It was an unforgettable week in NBA history, as the league was suspended indefinitely after Jazz big man Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19.

The Jazz had just come off of an Eastern Conference road trip where they played a handful of teams. Then, those teams played other teams. So, the NBA’s decision is more than justified. Optimistically, the league would go on assuming they shut things down for a couple of weeks. The future is simply unknown.

This is a bit frustrating, as the Hawks were oh so close to landing one of the Top-3 spots which all share a 52.1-percent chance of landing a Top-4 pick and a 14-percent chance of landing the top selection.

With that being said, the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery showed us that with these new odds, landing the top odds carries much less substance than in year’s past. If, in fact, the season does prove to be cancelled, the Hawks have a 48.1-percent chance of landing a Top-4 pick and a 12.5-percent chance of getting the No. 1 pick overall.

Of course, one has to wonder if the draft will even occur at its scheduled time. There are a multitude of things that will have to be sorted out, but we will be sure to keep you updated moving forward with Hawks and NBA coverage at SportsTalkATL.

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