Hawks: NBA executive sees a Trae Young trade on the horizon

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The Hawks are entering a new era under Quin Snyder. It’s clear the club’s future is tied to the former Jazz head coach, as well as Trae Young and Dejounte Murray. The three are attached at the hip, but it’s mostly Snyder and Young. If one parts ways with the Hawks, the other will likely shortly follow.

2023 will be the first of a five-year contract for Snyder, and Young is entering the first of his supermax deal. However, I think we will quickly find out if the marriage was made to last. With several young core pieces ascending to bigger roles, the Hawks are a club that should make the playoffs but could find themselves in the play-in if things don’t go well.

Nobody in the Eastern Conference is scared of what’s happening in Atlanta. Though I’m cautiously optimistic about the franchise’s direction under Snyder, it would be foolish to overlook ownership consistently handicapping the front office and coaching staff.

Whether it’s financially or administratively, Tony Ressler and his son cannot get out of their own way and let basketball people make the basketball decisions. Hopefully, that changes with the new regime, but it’s a wait-and-see game now. If things don’t go well, fans should fully accept the possibility of trading Trae Young.

He’s by far the most desirable asset the Hawks have, and at least one NBA executive believes Young won’t finish out his supermax contract in Atlanta.

“Moving on from Nate McMillan to Quin Snyder was simply a bandaid the Hawks put on the wound with Trae Young,” the NBA exec said. “His issues with the organization go much deeper than the head coach. I have a very hard time thinking he stays long-term in Atlanta.”

It’s fair to say the Hawks’ championship aspirations are a pipe dream as the roster is currently constructed, but I’d argue Trae Young puts a ton of faith in Quin Snyder. Until Snyder is ousted, Young won’t force his way out of Atlanta.

It could be naive, but I truly believe the young star wants to see it through in Atlanta. Young wants to bring a championship to the Hawks and isn’t going to give up even if the upcoming campaign doesn’t prove to be fruitful. It could one day come, but Trae Young isn’t leaving any time soon.

Photographer: Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire

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