Hawks pursuit of a Pascal Siakam trade proves fruitless

NBA: MAR 21 Raptors at Bulls

The Atlanta Hawks have been among the most active teams in the NBA regarding trade discussions.

There have been rumors the club is shopping De’Andre Hunter, Clint Capela, John Collins, Dejounte Murray, and practically everyone else outside of Trae Young. Many of the deals center around the Hawks moving into the top 10 of the draft, with the two most prominent being with the Pacers and Mavericks that have fallen through.

It’s not just the draft, though. Atlanta has attempted to acquire another star in Pascal Siakam. However, the club’s pursuit of the All-Star has proven fruitless, as a report from Chris Haynes suggests Siakam wouldn’t re-sign with a team who attempts to trade for him.

The loyalty to the Raptors is commendable but still questionable. Sure, they’ve won a title recently, but prime Kawahi Leonard isn’t walking through that door. Siakam surely can’t be a #1 on a championship contender, but he could easily be a #2 and make the Hawks legitimate threats.

I have a feeling in about a week’s time, a report will surface that the Hawks and Raptors had a deal in place, finalizing the trade but couldn’t cross the finish line because Siakam wouldn’t commit to signing a long-term deal.

Hopefully, it’s not that, but nothing this franchise has done should give Hawks fans confidence. I wouldn’t blame Siakam for not wanting to come to Atlanta; the Resslers have made sure of that, but to dig in your feet to stay in Toronto is… questionable.

Photographer: Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire

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