Hawks: Team USA’s Questionable Roster Loses a 78 Game Win Streak


We raised a lot of questions on our Twitter when John Collins and Trae Young were chosen to the USA Select team rather than the actual roster. Not only did these guys deserve it regardless, but some of the players chosen over them were also real head-scratchers. We should have known trouble was on the horizon when there were reports that the reserves were running the starters off the court in practice.

The roster itself isn’t terrible, even though Trae Young left with an injury, you can’t be a rational thinking person and think that Marcus Smart, Miles Plumlee, Jaylen Brown, Harrison Barnes, and Derrick White are more valuable to the national team than a player like John Collins. Derrick White is Popovich’s boy, so he more than likely made it purely on merit. Team USA started losing their stars, and perhaps they just started drawing names out of a hat.

This is exactly the scenario we saw coming. I didn’t think Patty Mills & Australia would be the ones to knock us off, but with a matchup with a Giannis led Greek squad looming I’m not sure Team USA can beat them. Even though a lot of guys passed on Team USA this season, Pop’s biggest mistake was snubbing a couple of up and coming stars in this league who could contribute more than what they’re getting right now. We don’t know what kind of conversations went on behind closed doors, but unless Collins – for some reason – didn’t want to travel to China and compete, him not making the roster is absolutely laughable.

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