How many All-Stars could the Braves have in Seattle?

Braves Spencer Strider revenge

Monday’s game against the Oakland Athletics marked the official 1/3 mark for the 2023 season. With All-Star voting beginning on today, I thought it would be fun to take a look at guys that have earned a nod so far from the Braves. Which Bravos will be in Seattle on July 11th? We take a look at likely guys and their projected season stats.

Spencer Strider (On pace for: 318 K’s, 15-6 W-L)

Not only is Spencer Strider on track to make his first All-Star team, he could very well be the starter for the National League. With the 3rd highest WAR of any NL pitcher, 2nd best FIP and the highest K/9 by a wide margin, Strider seems poised to make it with ease.

Ronald Acuña Jr (On pace for: 8.1 WAR, 33 HR, 66 SBs, 210 hits)

The Braves right fielder garnered the most All-Star votes last season in a down year, so it stands to reason that as the current leading MVP candidate, not much will change. Acuña has been a consistent sparkplug for the Braves, and like Strider, he will make the ASG with ease.

Sean Murphy (On pace for: 8.4 WAR, 33 HR, 111 RBIs)

Despite not playing quite as much as other catchers, Sean Murphy is MLB’s leader in WAR and has done it on both sides of the ball. A reliable cleanup guy matched with a cannon behind the plate and an innate ability to call games makes Murphy the likely starting catcher for the NL right now.

Matt Olson (On pace for: 48 HR, 123 RBIs, 126 runs)

What may hurt Olson is the fact that Freddie Freeman, Pete Alonso and Paul Goldschmidt have all been having great years, possibly making Olson the odd man out. However, if he does not make it, he will be one of the bigger snubs. On pace for 40+ bombs and 100+ RBIs, Olson’s numbers have been All-Star level to say the least.

Bryce Elder (MLB leader in ERA 1.92)

Who could have possible predicted this? Bryce Elder is baseball’s leader in ERA, and while Strider has been dominant, you could argue Elder has been the best pitcher on the staff. Keep in mind, this is a guy that started the season in AAA. Even if he regresses a bit, he belongs in the All-Star game. And if he doesn’t, there’s even a chance he’s named the starter for the National League. That’s how good he’s been, and it should no longer be viewed as a fluke. Over 21 career appearances (20 starts), Elder owns a 2.48 ERA. That’s All-Star level production.

Photo: John Adams/Icon Sportswire


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