If anybody, Trae Young “going to be the guy” to break Stephen Curry’s soon-to-be 3-point record says Jalen Rose

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Stephen Curry is one of the most transcendent players the NBA has ever seen; he’s completely revolutionized the game with his incredible range. In 2009 when Curry entered the league, the Davidson product was seen as a gimmick, and his three-point shot was a novelty. Every player nowadays, regardless of position, has to be able to spread the floor. He’s the greatest shooter of all time and is coming for Ray Allen‘s record.

Allen finished his career in 2014 after 1,300 games with 2,973 three-pointers, which topped Reggie Miller‘s 2,560 threes in 1,389 games — both Hall of Famers. Curry, who is 33-years-old, is ten three-pointers away from breaking Allen’s record; he’s knocked down 2,964 attempts from deep but in only 786 games, which is astounding.

Curry looks like his vintage self with no signs of slowing down. By the end of his career, this record could seem unreachable. Similar to Oscar Robertson‘s triple-double record, it might just take an extraordinary player to top Curry’s soon-to-be record. Russell Westbrook is a first-ballot Hall of Famer and did the impossible by breaking Big O’s record; one analyst thinks Trae Young can be the guy to top Curry’s eventual three-point total.

Amid arguably the best season of his career, Young is finally being recognized as one of the best players in the game. “A quarter of the way through the season, and the Hawks point guard is well on his way to posting the best numbers of his career. Young is averaging 26.3 points per game on the best shooting numbers of his career — 46.6% from the field and 38.8% from three-point range — to go along with 9.1 assists. He’s also doing so on more than three fewer free-throw attempts than last season,” Chase Irle wrote earlier this season. 

Young recently won an Eastern Conference Player of the Week award and became the 17th player with at least a 90 overall rating in NBA 2k. The world is beginning to notice the best all-around point guard in basketball. Through his first 229 career games, Young has canned 566 threes while Curry hit 525 over that same period. Ice Trae and his father, Ray Young, even had a conversation about this very possibility. It isn’t crazy to think he could one day dethrone Curry from his eventual record.






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