Insider says Bears trending toward Justin Fields trade; should Falcons inquire?

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I have been quite outspoken that regardless of how the Falcons season ends, the club should be in the market for a quarterback this offseason, and Justin Fields makes a lot of sense.

Desmond Ridder has been a serviceable signal caller at times, but there have been far too many inconsistencies, especially with his carelessness with the football. However, the most damning indictment of Ridder’s 2023 campaign has been the lack of development.

As long as there was tangible improvement and not just of the marginal variety, I thought Ridder would deserve a legitimate shot at the job in 2024 because development is never linear, especially in the NFL. But that’s all it’s been for him — marginal improvement.

Ridder’s ceiling isn’t high so taking a while to reach that ceiling isn’t great. Unless there are some significant advancements down the stretch, Atlanta will once again be in the market for a quarterback, and hometown hero Justin Fields could be a great place to start.

Keeping Poles’ overarching goal in mind, and understanding that the Bears probably have not checked all of the boxes they would like to at this point with Justin Fields, it seems like most signs point in one direction: selecting a quarterback at or near the top of a draft that should offer some excellent choices.

This is just an insider’s feelings and nothing here is concrete, but this is the consensus among a lot of media pundits. Fields hasn’t checked the boxes necessary for the Bears to build around him.

However, Fields’ ceiling warrants more patience. Moreover, circumstances matter. Nobody is confusing Chicago’s supporting cast with Atlanta’s. D.J. Moore is the most dangerous weapon at Fields’ disposal, and he was only acquired this past offseason.

With some patience and nurture, Justin Fields could develop into a franchise quarterback in Atlanta. The Falcons would be fools to not even inquire at the asking price.

Photographer: Nick Wosika/Icon Sportswire

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