It is time for the Braves to retire number 25


He may not ever end up in Cooperstown, but Andruw Jones has the resume. The 10-time gold glover may be the best defensive centerfielder in the history of the game.

If he is even receiving any type of consideration for the Hall of Fame, by default the Braves need to retire his number.

With all due respect to Tyler Flowers, it just does not feel right watching another man wear that number with a tomahawk across his chest.

Flowers only has one year left on his deal, and he is viewed as a short-term asset. When the two parties move on at some point, the Braves front office needs to ensure that no other Brave ever dons the number 25 again.

Andruw Jones’ legacy has been seemingly tarnished due to his career fizzling out around his early 30’s. However, this was after Jones’ tenure with the Braves had ended. It is also worth mentioning that he was an impact player from the second he walked on a major league field at age 19. Andruw gave the Braves 12 years of Hall of Fame baseball.

Alex Anthopolous has already won over a lot of fans with the team’s hot start, but he can really warm the hearts of die-hard Braves fans by making this gesture… hopefully sooner rather than later. Andruw simply deserves more love.

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