John Collins has Hall of Fame goals in post-Hawks basketball journey

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John Collins has been a consummate professional since entering the league; it shouldn’t surprise anyone. The former Hawks first-round pick grew up in a military family, and it has shown.

Collins did whatever Atlanta asked of him, regardless of the role. Hawks fans should have no hard feelings against him after all he did in Atlanta, but they’re getting a good laugh at his latest quote.

Hawks fans have had a lot of fun on social media in response to John Collins telling reporters that he wants to be a Hall of Fame player at the end of his career in response to what’s next for his basketball journey.

Two things can be true at once.

John Collins, and every NBA player, should be shooting for the stars. Every single legend across any sport was doubted at some point. If your dreams aren’t ridiculed, you’re probably not aspiring high enough.

However, we can have an honest discussion about the former Hawks forward’s career thus far. He hasn’t made a single All-Star team or received any other notable accolade. Though I love the human John Collins, he’s not a Hall of Fame player.

He would have to have one of the most dramatic turnarounds in sports history to make it into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. I love the confidence, though.

Photographer: Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire


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