Kobe Bryant breaks down Trae Young’s decision making in his show ‘Detail’


The great Kobe Bryant analyzes Hawks first-round selection, Trae Young, in the Las Vegas Summer League.

In the video, Bryant focuses purely on Young making plays with his passing ability. In his freshman year at Oklahoma, Young led the NCAA in not only scoring but assists as well, showcasing elite court vision. Bryant breaks down how a better understanding of how he is going to be defended will allow him to make better decisions on the basketball court.

The former Sooner is a smart player, obsessed with honing his craft. These are the growing pains he will face as a teenager in the NBA. However, if there is a positive to take out of this video, it is how much spacing there is on the floor. That is something that became so prominent in the Warriors offense under Steph Curry. The threat of having players who can shoot it from all over the floor will open up the paint. Once Young starts taking advantage of that, he will start getting much easier shots as well.

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