Lakers reportedly divided on a potential Trae Young trade

Trae Young Hawks

The Lakers were one of a few teams the Hawks had trade discussions with this past season, and rumors are once again circulating, most notably surrounding a Trae Young trade.

Los Angeles has the ability to trade three first-round picks, two of which won’t be until 2029 and 2030, as well as a couple of young pieces like Austin Reaves, but it doesn’t seem the Hawks would be interested in what little the Lakers could offer, at least I hope so.

It may be mutual too. It seems there are some within Laker Land that aren’t as high on bringing Trae Young out west.

“Trae Young is a guy that, honestly, has been tied to them a lot, and I think there’s a divided room within the Lakers on whether or not Trae would help them. It does seem like there is some favor coming from the Klutch side for a possible Trae pairing, and he is also a Klutch client,” Sam Amick told Riche Eisen on The Rich Eisen Show.

Amick is mistaken; Young isn’t a Klutch client anymore. He recently switched to CAA, but that shouldn’t necessarily impact a potential Lakers trade either way. What seems to be going on is that Jeanie Buss is taking her franchise back from LeBron James.

Everyone knows that wherever the King goes, he takes over. In LA, it’s been no different. He’s effectively acted as the team president, cycling through co-stars and head coaches. At this point, it hasn’t worked out, outside of a bubble Championship that many put an asterisk on. Amick is of the opinion that LeBron has lost some pull within the organization.

“Now, ever since the Russell Westbrook trade didn’t work, LeBron [James] has lost juice in Laker Land,” Amick added. “He just has. They have not listened to him as much..”

The Lakers may be split on a Trae Young trade, but the Hawks would also have to be blown away to move the best player the franchise has had since Dominique Wilkins.

Photographer: Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire

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