Marcus Mariota, Falcons to be featured in Netflix QB series

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Netflix’s F1 series Drive to Survive experienced wild levels of success, resulting in the streaming service putting forth similar series with tennis, golf, and now football. Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and the Falcons’ Marcus Mariota wore microphones for every game of the 2022 season, which will be turned into a documentary series this summer.

NFL Films and Omaha Productions will help Netflix produce the film. Peyton Manning is the executive producer, and he knows better than anyone how difficult playing quarterback in the NFL is.

“Playing quarterback in the NFL is a unique experience that has some pretty incredible ups and downs,” Manning said. “Thanks to this collaboration with our partners at NFL Films, 2PM Productions and Netflix, fans will be given a unique and intimate look at what life is like as a starting QB.”

The series, titled “Quarterback,” will feature the quarterbacks at home as well as during games. It’ll be interesting for several reasons. What most of America will be interested in is Patrick Mahomes, who led the Chiefs to another Super Bowl, winning MVP honors as well. But everyone in Atlanta will be eager to see what was happening behind the scenes with Marcus Mariota.

Besides some horrible performances, including a throw from his back resulting in a viral meme, Mariota was the center of controversy since his benching. After learning about his demotion, the veteran seemingly stepped away from the Falcons; a phantom injury ended his season despite never appearing on any injury report. By all accounts, Mariota took his ball and went home.

I am eager to see the behind-the-scenes of it all because nobody has ever had anything negative to say about Marcus Mariota prior to this incident. According to reports, the Falcons informed Mariota of the change on Thursday morning; by Friday, the team learned the veteran planned to step away. Arthur Smith went further to say the injury wasn’t an issue all season and that it was Mariota’s prerogative.

Surely, there is more to the story than we are getting. He was highly touted for his attitude and leadership but just did a 180 in a situation that was inevitable. He wasn’t going to be the franchise quarterback in Atlanta. I’m excited to watch Quarterback and find out what his side of the story is.

Photographer: Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire


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