Matt Ryan “not surprised” Raheem Morris ended up back with Falcons

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After a circus of a head coaching search, the Falcons ended up with Raheem Morris.

Most connected the vacancy in Atlanta to Bill Belichick, who was considered the favorite for most of the process. However, reports and rumors of internal dynamics surfaced, and the narrative shifted.

Thankfully, Arthur Blank ended up hiring Morris, regardless of how he got there. He’s a much better fit for what the Falcons need right now, and Matt Ryan isn’t surprised about the outcome.

“I think there was consideration to what Bill could bring to the organization. But I’m not surprised that Raheem ended up back there,” the former Falcons quarterback told Fox News.

The hire was met with universal praise. Former players and coaches alike rejoiced in the news. Morris is beloved by everyone who has come into contact with him, but his versatility as a coach is what sticks out to Ryan.

“He had coached all these different positions. He came in for us on the defensive side of the ball and switched to offense, came back to defense and became the interim head coach. So, I saw him in all of these different capacities. He was a guy that could coach anybody. He just knows how to get the best of the players,” the CBS analyst added.

The new Falcons head coach is going to assume a CEO-esque role, instead of calling plays on either side of the ball. Zac Robinson is going to call plays for the offense while Jimmy Lake will do the same for the other side of the ball. It’s a stark difference from how Arthur Smith ran his team.

Unlike Bill Belichick, Raheem Morris is familiar with the Falcons organization, Flowery Branch, and the personnel already in the building, as Ryan points out.

“He also understands the organization,” the former MVP said. “Knows the inner-workings of the organization, which I think is helpful. He’s got a great relationship with Arthur Blank. I think he’s a good fit in Atlanta. I really believe that.”

The Falcons have their guy. Now, they must find the next franchise quarterback. That is what the offseason will be defined by.

“I think that’s a good football team down there that needs to solidify the quarterback position, which I think they’ll do this offseason, and I’m rooting for them,” Ryan finished.

Photographer: Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire

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