Matt Ryan provides vague answers amid Julio Jones trade rumors


Matt Ryan is a consummate professional, and there are exactly zero scenarios he would give anything other than the right answer to media questions. Today in his first press conference of the offseason, many of the Falcons beat writers pried at the veteran quarterback about Julio Jones. Many well-known reporters continued to ask questions pertaining to the central idea of not having the star receiver around, to which Ryan answered in the most expected way possible.

These are vague for a reason… Ryan doesn’t know what the future holds, but that doesn’t mean he’s being purposely deceptive. He answers questions from a point of view that he’s focused on the tasks ahead — most importantly: his place in the offense.

The media will try to twist these words but the reality is that Ryan doesn’t know what will happen. He’s not being vague because he thinks Julio Jones will be traded; he’s simply been trained to focus on the things he can control. Front offices never have and never will tell players these things. Matt Ryan’s only job is to be the quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, but its clear he’d rather do it throwing passes to Julio Jones.



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