Mike Florio says Falcons will be docked this draft pick for tampering

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The NFL is investigating the Falcons for their role in tampering with then-free agent Kirk Cousins.

Most recently, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that a conclusion could be reached as early as this week and punishment will be dolled out. Schefter added that the Falcons are expected to receive a more severe punishment compared to the Eagles for their involvement in tampering with then-free agent running back Saquon Barkley.

But the big question is — What will the punishment be?

If you ask three different people, you’ll get three different answers. If you ask Bears fans, the Falcons should lose their 8th overall pick, so Chicago can move up from the 9th pick. If you ask Falcons fans, Atlanta deserves a slap on the wrist, and they’d have a case.

Tampering is the biggest nothing-burger in sports. Everyone does it, and it’s quite literally a pointless rule. The Falcons didn’t convince Kirk Cousins to sign with them because they had conversations before the legal tampering period.

Cousins signed with Atlanta because they offered more guaranteed money, more years, a higher average annual value, and more total money than Minnesota. Terry Fontenot and the Falcons’ brass were already talking to Cousins’ agent, which is legal.

However, the plain and simple truth is the two sides broke the rules, and the NFL must hand down a punishment. It seems Mike Florio of NBC Sports has a good idea of what it’ll be too.

“If the Falcons get whacked for Cousins talking to the head athletic trainer, a third-round pick would be the punishment — if precedent means anything. If the Falcons are punished for all violations, it could stack into a far more significant punishment.”

Florio has backed off the swapping of first-round picks narrative that he’s been peddling, which is a pleasant surprise. If I had to guess, because it was so obvious (Cousins literally admitted to tampering at his introductory press conference), the Falcons will be docked a future third-round pick, but that’s it. Rich McKay may actually prove his worth and smooth things over with the league office and get it down to a future Day 3 pick.

Photographer: Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire

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