MLB insider believes Atlanta a realistic landing spot for Shohei Ohtani

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In the last week or so, the Braves have lost out on two of the best starting pitchers on the free agent market in Sonny Gray and Aaron Nola, but that doesn’t mean the club isn’t interested in making a splash.

There were reports that Atlanta offered Nola $162 million over six years before he inked a deal to return to Philadelphia. For now, we don’t know if Alex Anthopoulos made an offer to Gray, but it’s clear that money isn’t an issue like many fans believe.

A trade could come to fruition as well. Dylan Cease is reportedly on Atlanta’s radar, and Corbin Burnes and Tyler Glasnow are other candidates that may be dealt this offseason. However, another name that could bolster the rotation is one that won’t even be able to pitch in 2024 — Shohei Ohtani.

Ohtani is reportedly “intrigued” by the idea of playing for the Braves, per Jon Morosi, and former general manager Steve Phillips added that Atlanta is a realistic landing spot because of his interest in playing for a contender.

There was also a report from ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez that Ohtani could favor a shorter-term deal with a higher AAV, which could benefit the Braves. It might seem like a long shot, but I believe the club is certainly entertaining the possibility.

The Braves have never been a team to hand out a mega contract like the one Ohtani will garner, but he could be the exception for various reasons. Beyond the incredible amount of value Ohtani brings on the field with his ability as both a pitcher and hitter, his value off the field is just as immense.

Shohei Ohtani is virtually his own economy. He brings a nation of fans wherever he goes, which certainly appeals to a publically traded company like the Atlanta Braves. Value is what Alex Anthopoulos is all about, and Ohtani will pay for himself. As Chase has said, he’s the exception to a rule the Braves have since the inception of the club.

Attempting to measure Ohtani’s value through analytics and the back of his baseball card would be disingenuous. He’s a global icon. National media broadcasts would be lining up to feature the Braves, and the value of the organization would increase by a number that begins with the letter B. Ohtani is the exception to the rule. His on-the-field value is unique, but the opportunities that come with him off the field may be enough for the Braves to break out a blank check.

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