Multiple ESPN pundits want to see Falcons trade for Justin Fields

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The Falcons’ offseason is going to be defined by what they do at the quarterback position.

Rolling with a third-round pick ultimately cost Arthur Smith his job following his third season in Atlanta, but Raheem Morris won’t be given the same grace because he inherits a much better situation than his predecessor.

The Falcons have a talented, yet underachieving roster as so many others have described it, which makes sense why people believe it’s the proverbial “quarterback away” from competing.

Whether that’s true or not is yet to be seen, but most agree that if the Falcons had even average quarterback play last year, their season would’ve ended in the postseason. They could suffer a similar fate, depending on which signal caller is acquired.

The options aren’t quite as robust as fans thought about a month before the season ended, but there are still more than a handful of worthwhile avenues to explore. None have been mentioned as much as a Justin Fields trade, though.

In a piece for ESPN, analysts were asked what move they wanted to see this offseason, ranging from free agent signings to draft picks and trades. Mike Clay and Mike Tannenbaum both said they want to see the Falcons trade for Fields.

Clay: The Bears trade QB Justin Fields to the Falcons. Entering the offseason, two things needed to happen in order for Bijan RobinsonDrake London and Kyle Pitts to reach their potential: (1) Atlanta needed a more pass-friendly offense, and (2) Atlanta needed a QB upgrade. The first one is complete with Arthur Smith out and Zac Robinson in as the team’s playcaller. The second one will be trickier, but a trade for Fields would go a long way.

Tannenbaum: The Bears trade QB Justin Fields to the Falcons. Atlanta needs to go get Fields for a second-round pick. Such a move would send the 2021 first-rounder to his native Georgia and help stabilize the quarterback situation there for new coach Raheem Morris. Fields, with an abundance of young talent around him on offense, could push the Falcons into the playoffs.

It’s going to continue to be a talking point until the Falcons acquire a quarterback because it makes sense. Firstly, the entertainment factor of a dynamic player like Justin Fields paired with Bijan Robinson, Drake London, and Kyle Pitts is an easy sell for the media.

Secondly, he’s a Georgia native, which only further pushes the narrative. Another potential storyline is the Falcons passing over Raheem Morris three years ago and hiring him while doing the same with Justin Fields.

The media wants it to happen because it’s good for business. But is it good for the Falcons? We will see.

Nick Wosika/Icon Sportswire

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