NBA insider says Zaccharie Risacher “most likely choice” for the Hawks

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The NBA Draft is a few weeks away and for the first time since 1975, the Hawks own the No. 1 overall pick.

Unfortunately for Atlanta, many draft pundits have dubbed this cycle one of the worst in recent memory with no clear top prospect. However, there will be stars that come out of this draft class; there always are.

It’ll be up to Landry Fields, Kyle Korver, and the Hawks front office to find that diamond in the rough. As of right now, the betting markets believe it’ll be Alex Sarr, the 7-foot Frenchman, who will be the first player selected.

He’s like a Great Value version of last year’s top pick, Victor Wembanyama. Sarr needs to develop offensively, but his ceiling is astronomical. The other prospect mentioned most often is Sarr’s fellow countryman, Zaccharie Risacher, who Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer believes will be the pick right now.

“Risacher seems like the most likely choice at this point for the Hawks,” O’Connor wrote.

The 3-and-D wing is a perfect fit for Trae Young but so is Alex Sarr. Similar to Sarr, Risacher has a high floor because of his size and defensive acumen, but both need to refine their offensive game. O’Connor did hedge a bit, though.

“I don’t think this pick is a lock, though: League sources say the Hawks have been unable to bring in top prospects to Atlanta for workouts so far,” O’Connor continued. “The expectation is that’ll change in the lead-up to the draft, and getting to spend hands-on time with these guys would certainly help in clarifying the front office’s big decision, whether that’s to keep the pick, trade down, or trade out entirely.”

The Hawks have a franchise altering decisions looming, and it doesn’t seem O’Connor or other insiders have an idea of who they will ultimately select.

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