NBA rule changes didn’t affect Trae Young, the league’s leader in points and assists

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At this point, if you don’t believe Trae Young is a superstar and one of the best players in the NBA, I have nothing to say to you other than turn on a Hawks game every once in a while. The former Sooners standout’s game has transitioned flawlessly to the league on his way to becoming just the second player in NBA history to lead the Association in points and assists. However, that’s not all. Ice Trae is the first player to accomplish that feat at both the collegiate and professional levels.

Young averaged 28.4 points and 9.7 assists during the regular season. The 23-year-old phenom joins Tiny Archibald as the only other player to lead the NBA in total points and total assists, which he accomplished in the 1972-73 season.

It seems all those naysayers regarding Young’s preseason outlook after the league implemented rule changes that targeted him couldn’t be further from the truth. He just had the best season of his young career, setting¬†career-high averages in points, assists, three-point shooting percentage, and field-goal percentage.

It’s entirely possible Young won’t be named to an All-NBA team despite all of those accolades because of the notion Atlanta has underperformed this season. The reality is there isn’t another point guard that can hold a candle to Young’s offensive pedigree. Unfortunately, Young’s super-max deal could wind up much lighter if he is kept off the All-NBA teams, which happened to Jayson Tatum a year ago.

Young has steadily improved every season he’s been in the league. It is indefensible to continue to disrespect him, and it might end up being one of the media’s biggest blunders if they keep him off the All-NBA teams.

Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire

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