NBC host says Julio Jones relationship with Falcons is “terrible”

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Michael Holley of NBC Sports Boston said earlier that Julio Jones is on the trade market due to the “terrible” relationship he has with the Falcons.

“I’ve got some little birdies who have been talking to me. One, the reason Julio Jones is on the trade market, his relationship with the Falcons is terrible, it is bad right now… [the other reason] he [Julio] wants to play with Cam Newton… he [Julio] thinks Matt Ryan has lost a little zing on his deep ball.”

Over a month ago, Steve Wyche reported that Terry Fontenot is entertaining trade offers for the All-Pro wide receiver due to the Falcons salary cap issues. Around the same time, Justin Felder sat down with Fontenot, where he confirmed he was fielding calls on Jones, acknowledged the difficult cap situation the Falcons are experiencing and said it’s what they must do in this situation.

The Falcons do not want to trade Julio Jones; they especially don’t want to do it because of a fractured relationship. The new regime couldn’t possibly have pissed him off this much so quickly. Not only that, but he’s telling a Boston source that he wants to play with Cam Newton and that Matt Ryan has lost the zing on his deep balls? Just seems so unlike him to do. Not to mention, Newton is among the most inaccurate quarterbacks of all time. I doubt these reports very seriously; it always was and always will be a money-thing, not a relationship-thing.

Photo: David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire

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