New Falcons Stadium To Have Lowest Concession Prices Of All Major Sports Teams

Some pleasantly surprising news broke yesterday when the Falcons organization announced that Mercedes-Benz Stadium, set to open in 2017, will have the lowest concession prices in all of professional sports. Steve Cannon, the CEO of AMG Group, which is owned by Arthur Blank, commented, “We’ll be able to to feed a family of four at our games for $27” and later states that is almost 70 percent better than other major sports stadiums.

Hots dogs, water, pretzels and even fountain drinks (that come with unlimited refills) will cost $2. A pizza slice, nachos or fries will only cost fans $3. Even a beer, which can cost anywhere from 8-12 dollars at other arenas, will cost fans just $5 at the new stadium.

Arthur Blank has made it evident that the experience of the fans in the new stadium is the number one priority and the number one complaint from fans was definitely the ridiculous prices on food and beverage that happens at nearly all sporting events. The move could also be intended to increase attendance in the new stadium. The Falcons have had trouble selling all of their PSLs for the new stadium and the drop in concession pricing could provide more incentive for an increase in attendance. However, Falcons representatives have kept the notion that this move is purely for the fans, who they hope will have a much more enjoyable experience at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The new stadium will also host several other events such as the Final Four, College Football Playoffs and will certainly be in the bidding for an upcoming Super Bowl. Prices for those events as well concerts and other events held at the stadium will remain the same. Many Atlanta natives may have not been thrilled with the idea of building a stadium that cost over $1 billion, but the news that the concession prices will be much more like what fans experience in their everyday lives is certainly music to everyone’s ears.

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