NFL Combine: Falcons meet with Bijan Robinson

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Never put too much weight into teams meeting with prospects; it rarely signifies anything but checking a box. That said, Bijan Robinson confirmed to the media that he has met with the Falcons at the NFL Combine, adding that he likes what they’re doing offensively.

1) It shouldn’t surprise anyone the Falcons met with one of the few blue chip prospects in the draft.

2) Of course Robinson loves Arthur Smith’s run heavy offense.

It’s a match made in heaven. Bijan Robinson is legitimately one of the best running back prospects to enter the draft since the turn of the century. In a different time, he’d be in consideration for the #1 overall pick.

It’s a different NFL today, though. Running backs just don’t have a lot of positional value anymore. Most of the time, offenses can get similar production from an undrafted free agent. Robinson is the exception in an offense like the Falcons, though.

Tyler Allgeier is a gem of a find, but the talent discrepancy between him and Robinson is obvious. Allgeier is featured in the Falcons’ offense; Robinson would be the Falcons’ offense.

Arthur Smith’s offense values running backs much more than some other offenses. Just think back to Derrick Henry‘s time in Smith’s scheme with the Titans; he challenged for MVPs and consistently won rushing titles. The offense’s engine wasn’t Ryan Tannehill, A.J. Brown, or anyone else; it was Henry. The Falcons could very well follow a similar path with Bijan Robinson, Desmond RidderDrake London, and Kyle Pitts.

To play devil’s advocate, the Falcons don’t really have the luxury of selecting a running back in the top 10. There are far too many holes on the roster to reason with drafting Robinson. It’s undoubtedly an unpopular scenario among Falcons fans, but if we’re talking strictly for entertainment purposes, drafting Bijan Robinson would get asses in seats, even if it doesn’t translate to wins.


Adam Davis/Icon Sportswire

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