NFL insider already floats idea of Falcons trading Kirk Cousins

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The Falcons have brought quarterback controversy upon themselves.

Raheem Morris and Terry Fontenot can say Kirk Cousins doesn’t have to look over his shoulder all they want, but it won’t stop fans and media pundits from talking about the eventual succession plan.

Michael Penix isn’t some quarterback that needs to sit for two or three years to mature. Outside of Caleb Williams, he’s arguably the most pro-ready prospect. Granted, nobody expects the Falcons to make the change this year, but that hasn’t stopped the growing noise.

Cousins is going to be questioned at every turn when he struggles, even if the Falcons aren’t going to entertain a change at quarterback. It may even be as soon as this offseason.

According to a source, Dan Patrick says that Penix will get first-team reps during offseason training activities, assuming that Cousins won’t be 100%, which will immediately bring about questions surrounding Kirk Cousins vs. Michael Penix.

Hell, we already have hypotheticals about a possible trade. It’s not coming from Falcons fans either. This comes from one of the most reputable insiders in the league.

Ian Rapoport floats a scenario where the Falcons turn to Michael Penix and trade Kirk Cousins after a slow start to the season.

Ideally, Cousins is so good that there isn’t a conversation to even be had, and there can be a smooth transition to Penix in the offseason down the road.

However, if Falcons fans know anything about this organization, things rarely go according to plan. What’s more likely is a rocky and awkward transition.

I’m certainly not hoping for that, but we are a week past the first round and we already have the Ian Rapoport’s of the world talking through trade scenarios. The Falcons made their bed. Now, they have to lie in it.

Photographer: Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire

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