NFL insider marvels at Bijan Robinson’s fantasy football value: “No lower than RB2”

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Fantasy football and the Falcons aren’t exactly a simpatico relationship.

Arthur Smith became public enemy No. 1 last year when analysts thought Kyle Pitts could become TE1 in Atlanta, only for the highest-drafted tight end in history to put a stinker, in terms of fantasy football.

However, they don’t go hand in hand. Kyle Pitts still contributed to the overall team’s success but the opportunities weren’t there like they were when he was a rookie. Even when he was targeted, Marcus Mariota generally missed Pitts. Smith regularly took the ball out of Mariota’s hands, so it was just the perfect cocktail for Kyle Pitts not to put up the fantasy season many were expecting.

There are similar conversations happening around the Falcons this year too, but they surround Bijan Robinson. He joins a perfect situation — a run-heavy and loaded offense. However, Robinson also joins a crowded backfield.

Cordarrelle Patterson and Tyler Allgeier, who eclipsed 1,000 yards en route to the franchise rookie rushing record, will command a lot of touches. This could leave Robinson in the cold, but I don’t know about all that.

Robinson very well could lead the entire offense in touches, which could be especially valuable in PPR leagues. He’ll be involved as a runner and receiver. At least one media pundit is ready to declare him among the top fantasy running backs. From Gregg Rosenthal of

1) I didn’t need to see Atlanta Falcons phenom Bijan Robinson break four tackles in four carries and catch a pass with one hand in his one series Friday to believe he’s getting taken too low in fantasy drafts. (But it didn’t hurt.) With that offensive line in Atlanta, he’s no lower than RB2 in fantasy for me — and maybe No.1!

Robinson’s first carry as a professional gave a glimpse of how special he is going to be for the Falcons.

Nobody should be worried about Bijan Robinson’s touches because Arthur Smith will find a way to get it in his hands. And when he does get the ball, it’s going to be a productive carry or reception, regardless of the situation. He’s that good.

Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire


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