Nolan Smith addresses Georgia Bulldogs’ “7-5” preseason projection

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Kirby Smart has built a powerhouse in Athens. The Georgia Bulldogs are the first repeat National Champions of the College Football Playoff era and are primed to be the first program in history to win three straight championships. How do the Dawgs stay hungry after establishing themselves at the top of the mountain? Nolan Smith’s answer: fictitious narratives, of course.

Leading up to the Bulldogs’ 65-7 victory over TCU in the championship game, Kirby Smart often talked about how his team was being “underestimated” before and during the season. Well, that ridiculous message resonated because following the confetti raining down on Georgia, Nolan Smith continued Smart’s campaign.

“They thought we were gonna go 7-5, we end up perfect,” Smith said. “I can talk trash now cause I’m done. I’m a Dawg for life and I will always be a Dawg.”

That “7-5” comment went viral, and for good reason. Nobody in their right mind believed Georgia would lose five games. Sure, they weren’t the national championship favorites in the preseason; Alabama and Ohio State were ahead of the Bulldogs in Vegas’ future odds, but that’s a stark difference from 7-5.

Now, we know for sure that Nolan Smith was making it up, not that we even needed the confirmation.

Give credit where credit is due. Kirby Smart is among the best motivators in sports right now, and the team’s leaders exude similar qualities. The Georgia Bulldogs will be perennial championship contenders because they recruit and develop as well as any program in the country, but they’re just as hungry for their third title as their first.

Photographer: Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire

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