Notable analyst ready for Falcons to give up on Desmond Ridder

NFL: SEP 10 Panthers at Falcons

Robert Mays is one of the best and brightest analysts. He breaks down football at a level that many casual fans cannot comprehend, so when he says the Falcons have to consider turning away from Desmond Ridder and toward Taylor Heinicke, it carries weight.

The biggest issue with Desmond Ridder isn’t the lack of anticipation or understanding of Arthur Smith’s offense and how defenses are attacking him. It’s not the inaccuracy or the turnover-worthy plays. It’s not the scatter-brain pocket presence.

The worst part of Ridder’s game is the lack of development over eight games. It seems there’s been little to no improvement in his mechanics, grasp of the game, or any other facet.

During the offseason, the Falcons were clearly committing to Desmond Ridder, but they hedged, signing Taylor Heinicke to one of the most lucrative backup deals in the league. On the surface, the club put their full support behind Ridder, and that hasn’t changed through four games, at least publically.

Mays is correct. If these trends continue, Arthur Smith has to start thinking about a quarterback change. However, it’s not as easy as fans are making it seem. Smith made his bed, and now he has to lie in it.

Benching Desmond Ridder after four games while Marcus Mariota got 13 games seems unfair. In that same breath, it might not be fair to the defense, Kyle Pitts, Drake London, etc. to let Ridder drown.

Heinicke is a capable veteran who could probably get this roster to the postseason, but Desmond Ridder still has the reins. The Falcons are going to see it through. If there’s still no tangible improvement, the noise will get louder and louder.

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