Pat Bev likens Trae Young to Steph Curry, says Hawks star should’ve been on Team USA

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Patrick Beverley had some things to say about Trae Young and Team USA before the FIBA Basketball World Cup, even mentioning one of the greatest players of a generation — Steph Curry — on an episode of his podcast.

“Close your eyes, turn around twice,” Beverley said about who Trae Young should replace on the roster. “Whoever you land on, that’s who you pick.”

Only four players have made an All-Star appearance on the roster — Brandon Ingram, Anthony Edwards, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Tyrese Haliburton — but none have as many as Young and none have made an All-NBA team. Moreover, nobody on the roster has led their respective team to the conference finals.

“He’s won plenty of games,” Beverley added. “He’s hit plenty of daggers. He’s reinventing the game. Whatever Steph Curry is leaving over, he’s taking it and running with it. Took his team to the Eastern Conference Finals. He’s won big on the road. You know what I’m saying? So you have to give him a lot of credit.”

For whatever reason, Young’s peers recognize his greatness but the rest of the NBA world doesn’t. He’s quickly become one of the most underrated players across the Association. 

Trae Young has staggering accomplishments before the age of 25 — All-NBA, All-Star starter, conference finals appearance, the league leader in total assists and points, and has the fourth-most 30-point and 10-assist games behind only James Harden, LeBron James, and Russell Westbrook.

Pat Bev isn’t the first to point out the injustice that has taken place in Team USA’s selection process. Gilbert Arenas recently suggested that nobody on the Team USA roster can hold a candle to Ice Trae.

The Hawks superstar continues to be held to a different standard than others. Eventually, he’ll garner the respect he deserves.

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