Potential Falcons reunion in Indianapolis: Colts to interview Dan Quinn

Dan Quinn

Dan Quinn is preparing for the Cowboys’ Divisional Round opponent in the 49ers, but he’ll also be preparing for multiple head coaching interviews. In what is a ridiculous practice, a coordinator of a playoff team will interview prior to the team’s postseason exit.

The former Falcons head coach and current Cowboys defensive coordinator will interview for the Broncos vacancy on Friday. Dan Quinn was always going to be a hot commodity, and the list of potential suitors is growing. With the Colts now vying for his services, a reunion with Matt Ryan could be in the cards.

Ryan and Quinn shared the field during their time in Atlanta, which included multiple playoff appearances, a Super Bowl run, an MVP, and a ton of fond memories for Falcons fans. Unfortunately, their respective tenures ended poorly, which included sending Ryan off somewhat humiliatingly by pursuing Deshaun Watson.

Each has had wildly different outcomes with their new ventures. Quinn landed on his feet in Dallas, coordinating an ultra-talented defense to successful seasons in 2021 and 2022. On the other hand, the veteran signal caller was benched twice, and the Colts fired their head coach Frank Reich. Ryan thought he was joining a well-run team with an extremely talented roster that just needed stable quarterback play, and it ended up being anything but.

Nobody knows what the future has in store for either Dan Quinn or Matt Ryan. The former has plenty of opportunities to be a head coach again, but he could potentially not like all of his options. Quinn could easily sit this cycle out in hopes that a better opportunity presents itself the future. Ryan could also retire this offseason. He has lost a lot of his arm and looked pretty rough at times this year.

However, there is a scenario in which the two rekindled their relationship in Indy and lead the Colts into the 2023 season. It might be unlikely, but it’s possible.

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