Potential Hawks asking price for Dejounte Murray revealed


The Hawks are expected to break up the backcourt of Trae Young and Dejounte Murray this offseason.

After handing out several first-round picks in the deal that sent the All-Star point guard from San Antonio to Atlanta, the experiment has run its course with clear indicators that the duo can’t work together.

That’s not to say each isn’t extremely effective by themselves, though. They’re both All-Star talents on the court alone, but the pair are terrible on the court together. It’s clear the only avenue forward is to break up the band.

I assume the Hawks prefer to keep Trae Young because ownership has an affinity for him. Moreover, he’s the more dynamic player and has already proven capable of leading a team deep into the playoffs. He’s box office; people have just seemingly forgotten what he’s capable of because this organization can’t build a roster worth a damn around him.

However, the Hawks aren’t just going to trade Murray for the sake of it. NBA insider Brett Siegel says that a package of numerous draft assets and talent will be the cost for Murray.

“Murray, who Atlanta made available at the trade deadline this past regular season, won’t be traded just for the sake of the organization making a move this offseason,” Siegel writes. “If the Hawks are to move on from Murray, it will be in a package that nets them numerous draft assets and talent to surround Young and the incoming No. 1 overall pick.”

I’m not quite sure what kind of market Dejounte Murray will garner, but a few clubs should be interested, which could always drive the price up. He’s a big point guard that is still a plus defender despite taking a step back in that department last season. Murray is coming off the best shooting season of his career and is on a very team-friendly deal that kicks in this season.

There’s no reason to believe the Hawks can’t get a healthy haul in return for Murray’s services.

Atlanta is in a precarious position, though. Some clubs may smell blood in the water. Everyone knows something has to change; it’s the perfect time to take advantage of a young, inexperienced front office.

Landry Fields hasn’t proven yet that he’s equipped to steer the Hawks through this potentially tumultuous offseason. This summer has the potential to vault the Hawks back to the forefront of conversations in the NBA or send them to a decade-long worth of mediocrity.

Photographer: Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire

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