Potential Pre Draft Trades for the Hawks


Hawks Receive:

G Allen Crabbe, 17th overall pick

Nets Receive: 

G De’Andre Bembry


This is a salary dump with a draft pick attached. It’s no secret the Nets are big game hunting this offseason, with dreams of Kyrie Irving or Kemba Walker. Allen Crabbe has come nowhere close to living up to the $18.5 million he’s owed next season, but he could benefit from a fresh start in Atlanta and add a valuable scorer off of the bench. He’s off the books after next season when the Hawks will be looking to grab their own star in Free Agency. Bembry is a warm body to complete the trade and a cheap wing for Brooklyn.


Hawks Receive:

C Meyers Leonard, 25th Overall Pick

TrailBlazers Receive:

F Justin Anderson


Aside from his eruption in the Western Conference Finals, Meyers Leonard has been pretty pedestrian since he was selected 11th overall in 2011. He’s also slated to make $12.5 million in 2019. That’s a big chunk of change for a guy who doesn’t contribute meaningful minutes to a team with an open championship window. The Blazers are badly cap strapped, and Anderson is a cheap wing who fills one of their most significant needs. With Nurkic coming back and Zach Collins emerging, this makes a lot of sense for both sides. Portland saves about $10 million, Atlanta picks up another selection.


Hawks Receive: G Goran Dragic, F Ryan Anderson, 13th Overall Pick

Heat Receive: G Kent Bazemore, 42nd Overall Pick


This is probably my favorite deal, and it makes a lot of sense for both sides. Ryan Anderson has almost no value at this point, and Goran Dragic is declining. The Hawks would be taking on about $40 million in salary while giving $19 of it back in Bazemore. However, Bazemore fills Miami’s most significant need: Quality wing depth. In return? Atlanta gets a lottery selection. Freeing up $20 million in cap space for a team desperate to win (Pat Riley is still in charge). This allows Miami to add Mike Conley or skirt the luxury tax. For Atlanta, they now have more flexibility in a potential move to #3 in the draft. The best part? Dragic and Anderson are off the books after 2019.


Atlanta Receives: 14th Overall Pick, 22nd Overall Pick, 2021 First Rounder (From New Orleans, Lottery Protected) C Robert Williams, G Frank Jackson, G E’Twuan Moore

Boston Receives: C Anthony Davis

New Orleans Receives: 10th Overall Pick, 20th Overall Pick, F Jayson Tatum, G Jaylen Brown, F Taurean Prince  


Ok for the record, I don’t think this is a good trade for the Hawks, but I wanted to play around with the idea. This is what it *might* look like if the Hawks were to get involved in the Davis sweepstakes. Boston nor New Orleans has much to offer Atlanta in terms of young players, so I had to get a little creative. This softens the blow for Boston by sending Taurean Prince to New Orleans, while the Hawks get two extra first-round picks. In this scenario, Atlanta has to move back four spots. They already have too many picks as is, so this doesn’t interest me. Robert Williams, Frank Jackson, and E’Twuan Moore are replaceable players and not worth what they cost. A 2021 First Rounder is… okay I guess? Don’t put this one on me; it’s only a hypothetical (hopefully).



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