Quinn Meinerz is a prospect every Falcons fan needs to know

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Quinn Meinerz is a name many fans won’t recognize, and rightfully so. He played Division III for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and is the sole Division III player at the Senior Bowl. I mentioned Meinerz as a player Falcons fans should be on the lookout for during the Senior Bowl, and he’s now starting to turn heads because of his play in Mobile.


Meinerz is an absolute mauler. See the aforementioned videos if you don’t know what I am talking about. In Penei Sewell’s draft profile, I mentioned one of the only weaknesses in his game is his inability to move a big body. It is the exact opposite with Meinerz; he looks like a bulldozer just moving piles of dirt around like it’s nothing.

Mienerz is an absolute hog when it comes to run-blocking. He has a heavy background in wrestling, and it shows in his technique when pushing defenders around. He uses fantastic leverage and hand placement to dictate the direction of the defender. But someone this aggressive and bruising shouldn’t hold up in pass protection, right? Wrong, he’s lighting up all of his individual pass rush reps.


The Senior Bowl is the perfect opportunity for Meinerz to showcase his ability to translate his dominance from Division III to the Power 5 competition in Mobile. He’s going to have to fight the small-school questions as the level of competition is always a concern. But thus far, he is truly showing that his game translates regardless of the level of play.

Team Fit

The Falcons are going to run the ball. Even if Arthur Smith says he will adapt his offense to the personnel he’s afforded, they will establish the ground game in some capacity. It might be a power or zone scheme, depending on how he evaluates the offensive line. Regardless, Meinerz will be able to come in and immediately compete for — at the very least — a backup role. He played guard at Wisconson-Whitewater but has been showing quite well at center.

How can you not love this guy? Mike says it best; Quinn Meinerz should be a Falcon based solely on his aesthetic

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