Raheem Morris has questionable comment about Kirk Cousins job security

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The Falcons continue to be the punching bag of the entire NFL.

With Raheem Morris and Kirk Cousins in the fold, many fans believed the organization was back on the right track, but Thursday’s first round halted all momentum in fans’ eyes.

Michael Penix, the prospect, is a great selection. Had he gone to any other team at the 8th pick, nobody would’ve blinked, but because the Falcons gave Kirk Cousins $100 million guaranteed less than two months ago, the pick is being criticized.

I think what’s most bothersome to me is the two scenarios of the process the Falcons took.

Either Raheem Morris and Terry Fontenot are making it up as they go along, or they truly believe Kirk Cousins is all the roster needed to put them in contention for a championship. I don’t know which is worse.

No, there wasn’t a defender or other prospect that Atlanta could’ve taken at the 8th pick that would’ve put them over the top, but they also just secured their place as a good, not great football team. The move is more about solidifying the Falcons’ floor, rather than raising their ceiling.

The Falcons brass’s comments after the pick are even weirder and more discouraging. Raheem Morris made some peculiar comparisons to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce regarding the attention the Falcons are getting from picking Penix.

Morris had an even more questionable comment about the dynamic between Cousins and Penix. Daniel Flick described it as a public service announcement in which Atlanta’s head coach proclaimed that Cousins doesn’t have to worry about his job security with Penix on the roster.

Ideally, Cousins performs well and there is no controversy, but if we can count on anything with the Falcons, rarely do things go according to plan.

Cousins is going to be questioned at every turn when he struggles, even if the Falcons aren’t going to entertain a change at quarterback. It’s hilarious that Morris is proclaiming Cousins’ job is safe before either guy takes a snap for the team.

It just goes to show what kind of path the Falcons are set to take. Every offseason, every season, every week, every drive will bring conversations about a change at quarterback.

Eventually, there will be a transition. It’s inevitable. That’s why it’s weird to say something so concrete as, “Kirk doesn’t have to worry,” when eventually he will have to worry.

The Falcons continue to prove they’re one of the least organized franchises in the NFL.

Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire

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