Raheem Morris reveals what Falcons are looking for in a QB

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It didn’t matter who the Falcons hired as head coach. Raheem Morris, Bill Belichick, or Jesus Christ himself couldn’t have done much better than Arthur Smith last year with Desmond Ridder.

The third-round pick isn’t an option to start for the Falcons in 2024. That much is clear. Zac Robinson could be the next Kyle Shanahan or Sean McVay, and Ridder’s role wouldn’t change.

Honestly, the head coaching acquisition was important, but I’d argue the quarterback acquisition is even more critical. It’s hard to win a Super Bowl without a great head coach and quarterback, but it’s practically impossible to win it all without at least a good quarterback.

The Falcons don’t currently have that on the roster, so a search will ensue. What will Raheem Morris and Terry Fontenot look for in the next franchise quarterback?

“Elite processors, when you get those guys that are decision makers, when you get those guys who can just cut it loose and play ball, and also play with those great fundamental techniques — the base, the balance, the short hitches in the pocket.”

The Falcons need better decision making from the position. Desmond Ridder led the league in red zone turnovers; that isn’t on Arthur Smith or his offense. That is squarely on Ridder.

Unfortunately, the answer doesn’t appear obvious to satisfy the short-term desire of Arthur Blank to win right now and also the long-term aspect of finding a franchise quarterback who can be around for the next decade.

Armed with plenty of cap space and draft capital, Raheem Morris, Zac Robinson, and Terry Fontenot will have enough to acquire the right one.

Photographer: Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire

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