Ranking the Top Free Agents: Power Forwards



1. Blake Griffin                    Hawks interest: Low

It would be interesting to see what a talent like Griffin could do in a system like Budenholzer’s. But if the Hawks are going to sign a superstar power forward, it is going to their own. Griffin is going to get a max-contract from somebody. Maybe he teams up with Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City?

2. Paul Millsap                   Hawks interest: High

The interest in retaining Millsap may be high, but the likelihood of that happening is much smaller. He is a much better two-way player than Griffin, but does not have the superstar talent. The Hawks have said they will not offer a max-contract, and multiple teams have already suggested they will. Could you imagine him on the Timberwolves?

3. Serge Ibaka                     Hawks interest: Low

Ibaka has bounced around the league since being traded from Oklahoma City and will likely be finding a new home again this offseason. Teams that miss out on Griffin and Millsap will turn to Ibaka, who has continued to improve as a three-point shooter and is still a high caliber defender.

4. Zach Randolph               Hawks interest: Low

Randolph may not be the weapon he once was, but he has aged well over his NBA career. At 35 years old, he can still rebound with the best of them, and his offensive game has survived with his improvement as a jump shooter.

5. Pau Gasol                       Hawks interest: Low

Gasol’s age finally started to show last season on the Spurs. He has suggested that he is going to take less money to stay with the Spurs. He is best served as a bench role player at this point in his career.

6. Nikola Mirotic                 Hawks interest: Medium

If Paul Millsap heads elsewhere, the Hawks are going to have to fill in depth at the position. Mirotic was a superstar in Europe and had a fantastic rookie season in the NBA. It has not been so great ever since, but he  is a stretch four that seems to have some untapped potential. This could be a nice low-cost move for the Hawks.

7. Ersan Ilyasova                  Hawks interest: Medium

Ilyasova was a reliable scorer off the bench for Atlanta after be traded to the team midseason. He could be the backup plan if Millsap walks, as he has been a reliable player for years in the NBA. A seasoned veteran that knows the system is necessary for rebuilding teams. He could find himself a nice role with Atlanta next season.

8. Taj Gibson                        Hawks interest: Low

A really solid defender and rebounder that can put up a few buckets a night. He is a nice role player that could wind up back in Oklahoma City.

9. Patrick Patterson               Hawks interest: Medium

Patterson has seemingly lost favor in Toronto and will probably be finding a new team for the first time in his career. He is a pure stretch four that could fit well in the Hawks system at a low cost. He is one of several options Atlanta might turn to for front court depth.

10. Alan Williams                    Hawks interest: Medium

Williams finally earned a spot in the NBA with the Suns and proved he is here to stay. He is a restricted free agent, but with the Suns looking to try and land a big-name player, Williams could be out the door. Williams seems like the exact type of player the Hawks have gone after in the past. A hustle guy who plays really good defense and rebounds.

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