Ranking the top NBA free agents: Point Guards


1. Steph Curry           Hawks Interest: Low

Remember when Curry did not want to be drafted by the Warriors? Those days are long gone after two championship runs and a couple of MVP trophies. Steph’s the best point guard in this free agent class, but he is not going anywhere for quite a while.

2. Chris Paul             Hawks Interest: Low

It is not surprising Chris Paul opted out to become a free agency and he looks to have genuine interest in other destination. Though, it is going to take a mighty great pitch for him to turn down all that extra money he could make an LA. A multitude of teams will be reaching out to Paul, but do not expect the Hawks to be one of them.

 3. Kyle Lowry          Hawks Interest: Low

Lowry has become a consistent all-star in Toronto, but reports have suggested he has no interest in remaining with the Raptors. It looks like he will be heading elsewhere. Could he put a team like the Rockets over the top, or make the 76ers playoff contenders once again.

 4. George Hill           Hawks Interest: Low

George Hill is quietly one of the best point guards in the NBA. He turned in a terrific season for the Jazz last year, where he was an integral part to the team returning to the playoffs. Utah will want to keep him, but Hill will be a prime target to get some big bucks this offseason. He may not be worth the contract he receives.

5. Jeff Teague             Hawks Interest: Low

The former Atlanta Hawk finished up his one-year rental in Indiana averaging 15.3 points and a career-high 7.8 assists per game. Indiana looks to be on the cusp of a rebuild, so Teague very likely could be wearing a different uniform again next year. He is still a good player, that always seems like he could be a bit better.

6. Jrue Holiday           Hawks Interest: Low

New Orleans now has Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins. A tandem that needs just a third star to possibly become contenders. The Pelicans are going to have to decide if Jrue Holiday is their guys going forward. Otherwise, there will be plenty of teams trying to poach him this offseason.

7. Derrick Rose             Hawks Interest: Low

Even though the Knicks “Super Team” did not exactly work out, Rose was still a productive scorer for the team. New York seems to be a weird basketball place nowadays, and Rose certainly played a part in that by abandoning the team. However, there is a reason such basketball savvy organizations, such as the Spurs, are interested. Derrick Rose can still ball, and he may be even better next year.

8. Patty Mills                 Hawks Interest: Low

If I am the Spurs, I am thinking long and hard about investing in Patty Mills as the future point guard. Mills has gone from energy provider to a legitimate starter in the NBA. He shot his highest clip from the three-point line at just a hair under 44% last season and does not take plays off on defense. If San Antonio does not want to commit to him long-term, somebody else will.

  9. Rajon Rondo          Hawks Interest: Low

A lot of people may question Rondo’s locker room presence, but nobody is going to question his competitiveness. He proved once again in last year’s postseason the high-level of play his capable of when his mind is right. But who can get his mind right? That is what team’s are going to have to find out through the free agency process. The Bulls also have a team option to retain Rondo.

10. Shaun Livingston         Hawks Interest: High

Livingston has been as solid of a backup point guard as anyone for years with the Warriors. With the team in a great position to win multiple titles going forward, Livingston may never want to leave. However, the Warriors do have some younger talent behind Livingston that may be ready to take over for him. If that is the case, there will still be plenty of teams lining up for his services. Expect the Hawks to be one of those teams, as they had some of the worst backup point guard play in the entire league last year and recently hired the former Warriors assistant GM Travis Schlenk.

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