Report: Braves not considering trading Ronald Acuña Jr.

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The MLB offseason has begun, and the rumors are flying. The starting pitching market is sure to be entertainingly expensive, and there are plenty of superstar-caliber players set to sign lucrative deals. The Braves have been mentioned in some rumors, mostly regarding Jacob deGrom, which never really felt like they carried that much weight. However, one particular narrative that seemed to appear out of thin air has taken Braves Country by storm. MLB Network allowed two hosts to blabber about how a Ronald Acuña Jr. trade was possible.

Chase has already ranted about how ridiculous all of this was, but in short, there is no way the Braves would trade a player with superstar production on arguably the most team-friendly deal in all of baseball. It’s laughable to hear those people stir up accusations about the club and Acuña.

Moreover, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic confirmed that the Braves aren’t considering trading the All-Star outfielder, and to cover the bases, Rosenthal added, nor any other young player they have signed to an extension.

It was just never even worth entertaining. Teams don’t trade their best player (when healthy) away, and Ronald Acuña hasn’t shown any signs of dissatisfaction, so it’s ridiculous that people are trying to create this narrative out of thin air. Obviously, these relationships are fluid, so anything could happen, but everything appears copacetic.

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