Report: Dansby Swanson reached out to Braves’ Alex Anthopoulos

Alex Anthopoulos Dansby Swanson

The first domino of the Big 4 shortstop free agents fell on Monday when Trea Turner signed an 11-year, $300 million deal to join the Phillies. And while teams within the division are making lucrative moves, the Braves are sitting and waiting. Turner’s contract with Philadelphia likely means Dansby Swanson‘s market will probably be around 5-6 years and worth $150-200 million.

That could be too rich for Alex Anthopoulos’ blood, and I wouldn’t blame him. Braves Country shouldn’t be surprised if AA doesn’t see the value in Swanson’s asking price; he very rarely lets relationships get in the way of business. All you have to do is look at last winter’s negotiations with Freddie Freeman. The Braves will more than likely not overpay for Dansby Swanson.

However, Anthopoulos is doing things a bit differently this offseason. The Braves President of Baseball Operations doesn’t reach out to free agents, per a report from Mark Bowman. But that’s typical, I imagine. Still, unlike other offseasons, AA has made contact with Swanson, and it was the hometown kid who reached out to Anthopoulos.

“I don’t reach out to free agents,” Anthopoulos said via Bowman. “With that being said, it’s a two-way street and I’m happy to have conversations at any time.”

Unfortunately, the conversation reportedly didn’t “create any progress on the financial landscape” per Bowman’s report.

“I’m not going to add anything more to that other than my conversations with him are always great,” Anthopoulos said via Bowman. “Anyone who has a conversation with him, you come away knowing how smart he is. It’s just a reminder of his importance and what he brings.”

This is actually very interesting that Swanson would reach out to Anthopoulos. I’m not making any inferences regarding Freddie Freeman’s contract negotiations, but Swanson felt the need to call and talk to AA about something… take that however you want.

Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire

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