Report: Hawks and Pistons engaging in trade talks around Andre Drummond

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After a 7-27 start, it’s been reported the Hawks are looking at acquiring a starting center and backup point guard – two areas that have crippled Atlanta so far this season. We’ve heard Steven Adams named mentioned and even Dewayne Dedmon, who thrived in Atlanta’s system last year. But Adrian Wojnarowski just dropped the juiciest rumor of them all moments ago, stating the Hawks and Pistons have engaged in trade talks surrounding All-Star center Andre Drummond.

Drummond has been the king of rebounds in the NBA for quite some time, averaging 15.8 of them this season, which leads the league. He’s also a monstrous defensive presence in the paint, something the Hawks haven’t had since Dedmon departed.

The fit, on paper, could not be more perfect. Atlanta needs another star, and it would help if it came at the center position, where they don’t even have a viable starter. The Hawks are also one of the worst teams in terms of defensive rebounding and opponents’ points in the paint. And the cherry on top, just imagine all the easy buckets Drummond would rack up from Trae Young.

The primary issue here, however, is that Drummond will be a free agent next offseason, providing he opts out of the final $28 million remaining on his contract, which is almost a certainty. If the Hawks could get some sort of sign that he is going to re-sign, making a deal for him would probably be worth it. But if they can’t, it doesn’t make much sense to give up any significant future assets for a one-year rental in a season where you are going nowhere but the lottery.

As Wojarnowski said, nothing is imminent, and unless Drummond is going to re-sign, I don’t see how a deal happens. However, this is another sign that Travis Schlenk is serious about making a move to bring in a quality starting center. I’m just not sure Drummond makes the most sense when they can aggressively go after him this offseason without giving up any assets.

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