Report: Hawks do not have much interest in trading Trae Young

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Ahead of a pivotal offseason, the Hawks have a looming decision to make surrounding their All-Star point guards.

Will the Hawks trade Trae Young or Dejounte Murray?

The answer to that question may already be known within certain circles. Hell, if I were in Atlanta’s front office, I’d voice my opinion loud and clear.

Trae Young has proven capable of shouldering the load, leading the Hawks to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2021. Though some may have forgotten, I haven’t. What Young showcased in the postseason is what superstars are made of in this sport.

Though you could point to his defensive liabilities and gaudy contract, Young’s offensive pedigree trumps all other talking points. Dejounte Murray is two-way versatile, under team control for more years, and is cheaper… But, he hasn’t proven capable of taking over when the lights are brightest.

Granted, he hasn’t had the chance just yet, but maybe the Hawks should take that as more of a reason to build around Trae Young. DJM hasn’t gotten a team there yet; Ice Trae has.

Another interesting dynamic in all of this is the organization’s ownership. The Resslers run the Hawks as fans would, and there hasn’t been a bigger draw in the city of Atlanta, in terms of basketball, like Trae Young since Dominique Wilkins.

Young fills the seats of State Farm Arena, and for that reason, it should not be surprising that the Hawks do not have a ton of interest in trading him away this offseason, according to Brett Siegel of ClutchPoints.

“Sarr possesses the athleticism and length needed in modern-day big men, and he would find a lot of success in an offense run by Trae Young, whom the Hawks do not have much interest in trading away this offseason, league sources said,” writes Siegel.

I prefer to keep Trae Young; he’s the brightest star this city has seen in decades, but a decision should be reached by thought and reason, not because the owners have a fondness for Young or that he lines their pockets.

Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire

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