Report: Hawks interested in Hernangomez

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The Hawks have been in the forefront of a ton of rumors as the trade deadline approaches and could be in the mix of a deal that would ultimately land them Rockets big man Clint Capela. But there is another name they are currently interested in acquiring: Nuggets forward Juancho Hernangomez, per Mike Singer of the Denver Post:

If the Hawks like the skillset of Hernangomez, he could be had at a reasonable cost, with Singer reporting it would only take a second-round pick, an asset Atlanta has plenty of. Hernangomez is only averaging around 11 minutes per game on a deep Nuggets roster and has been a bit inconsistent but is still just 24 years old. Vince Carter is set to retire this offseason and Jabari Parker has a player option, so the Hawks could secure a young depth piece at a reasonable cost.

With that being said, Hernangomez has not impressed as of late for Denver and could easily be had in restricted free agency this offseason, given he is being dangled for a second-round pick. If the Hawks are interested in his services, they may be able to do so without giving up assets. But if they are dead set for his services during his next contract and want to control his destiny, it could be a possibility they part ways with a second.

Hernangomez will be a smaller scale guy to keep an eye on for Hawks fans as the Thursday deadline approaches.

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