Report: Julio Jones says parting with Falcons was mutual, nothing to do with Dan Quinn firing

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In his first press conference as a member of the Titans, Julio Jones was asked how he went from a Falcon for life to requesting a trade. Jones said, “Me and the Falcons, we had an agreement at the end of the day… we just made a decision,” and went on to say the parting was completely mutual.

There were murmurs as well that the firing of Dan Quinn was the last straw for Jones, but it didn’t make sense for him to want to play for a playoff competitor while vouching for an 0-5 coach. Well, he nixed any idea of that in today’s presser, saying the decision to leave Atlanta had nothing to do with the firing of Dan Quinn.

Falcons fans are probably tired of reading about Julio Jones, but the further we get away from this offseason, the more details will be revealed about what happened. It might be annoying because it hurts to see Jones in a different uniform, but it’s important to learn the entire story and not shift the blame on any individual that doesn’t deserve it.

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