Report: “No traction” between Mets and Braves in potential trade talks

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At this point, a trade regarding the Braves and Noah Syndergaard seems out of the realm of possibility. However, the Mets and Braves have discussed possible deals for Edwin Diaz and Zack Wheeler. Although, Buster Olney reports there has been “no traction” between the two sides.

When dealing inside the division, the price tag is always going to be higher. Several reports have suggested that despite Diaz’s disappointing 2019, the price tag around the league will be at least as high as what the Mets gave up for him last offseason. It will cost Atlanta even more, as New York will look to avoid facing Diaz for the next 3.5 years.

Zack Wheeler is a different scenario. He becomes a free agent after this season and won’t be haunting the Mets as they try and compete next year and beyond. New York may be stingy today, but as 4:00 ET inches closer tomorrow, it would be smart for them to deal Wheeler to the highest bidder – even if that is the Braves.


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