SportTalkATL’s Mailbag Monday

1. Do you think Wesley Johnson could be a perfect fit for the Hawks?

I think Johnson is the exact type of add the Hawks need. He is a solid defender that is a career 35% shooter from behind the arc. If the Hawks could land Johnson, he would at the very least add depth to the small forward position, but could end up being a starter. The system would seem to fit his skill set, so he could really progress as a player. Johnson would be a very nice add considering the Hawks have very little money to make more moves through free agency.

2. Can Matt Ryan ever lead the Falcons to a Super Bowl?

YES. I am a huge supporter of Matt Ryan and already think he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. If Matt Ryan had a half decent defense over the years, he probably would have already won a Super Bowl. The offense has never been a problem in Atlanta, even with the makeshift offensive line we had last season. If Dan Quinn can come to Atlanta and really turn around the defense, Ryan and company will win a Super Bowl.

3. What do you think the future of Cameron Maybin looks like as a Brave?

Cameron Maybin has been great as a Brave, and the team is in no rush to move him despite speculation from many. He is in the midst of an All-Star caliber season and has been one of our top players in 2015. I think Maybin is likely to play out his contract with the Braves. Yes, the Braves have Mallex Smith and Jose Peraza as potential starting center fielders in AAA, but if Maybin keeps playing this way, his job should be safe. However, you can’t rule anything out with John Hart making the moves. If the team feels one of their prospects are ready, then the team could package him up with Chris Johnson to get rid of his contract. For now, Maybin is a Brave, and will be until the end of the 2017 season barring a trade.

4. Do you think the Hawks made improvements this offseason or lost too much?

Well it is tough to say right now obviously, but I think the Hawks made improvements. Splitter is such a huge upgrade coming off the bench. The Hawks needed size, and Splitter will be a nice fit. He will not do anything flashy, but he is the rim protector the Hawks desperately needed. I think Hardaway is also a very nice bench add. He can get buckets off the bench, which is another thing the Hawks needed in last year’s postseason. The Hawks lost Carroll, which is a big blow, but I did not think he deserved $15 million dollars. He only averaged 12 points per game last year. I think paying him that kind of money would have been a mistake. If the Hawks can add another decent small forward, I think the combination of Sefalosha and maybe a Wesley Johnson will make up for the loss of Carroll.

5. With the addition of Tiago Splitter, will Paul Millsap move over to the three?

Paul Millsap is a very versatile player, but I do not think he can play the three consistently. His best game is in the post and he is not exactly a wing player. However, I would not be surprised to see Coach Budenholzer tinker with it and play him at the 3 in some games, but I would be shocked to ever see Splitter, Millsap and Horford all in the starting lineup this season.

Bonus: Will Shelby Miller ever get run support?

Probably not, but damn he is good.


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