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Braves: A 3-1 advantage is strong but not impossible to overcome 

Ironically, I happen to be the author of this piece, considering just this morning, I wrote how the Braves are positioned beautifully to wrap up this …

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Braves: Cristian Pache is receiving invaluable experience in the postseason 

This time last year, a 20-year-old Cristian Pache was just a month removed from a solid performance in the minor league playoffs, hitting .384 with …

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Braves: Three keys to Kyle Wright having success in Game 3

Thanks to four scoreless innings from Ian Anderson and another excellent performance from the offense, the Braves won Game 2 Tuesday night versus the Dodgers to take …

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Braves: Previewing the NLCS

The way it was always supposed to end up, the second-seeded Braves will face the top-seeded Dodgers in this year’s NLCS — a rematch of …

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Braves: The formula for beating the Dodgers 

Unlike the first two rounds of the postseason, the Braves enter Monday’s NLCS as underdogs, sitting on the wrong side of 73.3% odds for the …

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Braves: Dodgers to get first look at Wright, Anderson

The Dodgers and Braves are plenty familiar with one another, having faced off 26 times over the last five seasons. If we’re being honest, L.A. …

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Braves: What starting rotation struggles? 

Entering the postseason, and essentially throughout most of the 2020 regular season, we read about how bad the Braves starting rotation was. Hell, I wrote …

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Braves: Ronald Acuna continues to own the Marlins… and they cannot stand it

For those of you unable to watch Tuesday’s opening game of the NLDS live (this 2 PM time slot is insane!), the Braves offense came …

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Braves: Previewing the NLDS

We finally made it to the series we’ve really been waiting for: the National League Division Series, a five-game series the Braves have lost eight …

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Braves: Max Fried and the bullpen save the day

Wow. That was exciting. Never in my life have I seen a postseason Game 1 that invigorating, as the Braves kicked off the Wild Card …

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